Our Venice Shop

Getting lost in Venice is an art form, in doing so you can draw paths that, seen from above, look like cobwebs made by a drunken spider. Every time you get lost it seems to be in the same place, it takes time, we know, but if you keep getting lost sooner or later you will begin to recognize the shapes of the windows, so similar but in the end also so different. If you have the courage to look up you can discover unique profiles, which in a normal city would not make sense, but here you are in Venice. 

That's the place where, as Jean Cocteau said, "pigeons walk and lions fly", but it is also the place where the most beautiful things hide from the driest hearts, it takes courage to get lost, but only in this way you can "see" and not just "look" .

Sometimes in Venice you really feel like you are in a labyrinth. 

You walk through tiny streets, wide enough for just one person, then you turn the corner and suddenly you find the light, a small square (campo) with facades of buildings so old that you hardly understand how they are still standing. 

As mentioned, getting lost in Venice always gives you something unexpected, like running into the Vintageria shop. In this case there is a surprise in the surprise, because as soon as you pass the "sliding doors" of the shop (not a cinematic quote, Vintageria really does have sliding doors) you enter a different place, like crossing the mirror in the anime "The fantastic world by Paul ”, but on the other side waiting for you is not the super villain Belt-Satan, but a world made of vintage clothes, full of history and charm. 

Why was Vintageria born? We asked Paolo, one of the persons behind this project and founder of the shop.

Paolo gave us a clear and detailed explanation, but since we talked sitting at a bar table, after some time the alcohol level has risen to the point that the answers have become quite blurry, and honestly we don't remember them all. 

Certainly there was the will to change the way of buying and selling clothing, because after years in this business Paolo was able to see the waste and distortions, and therefore the choice of vintage was not purely stylistic, but above all ethical. 

He was also lucky enough to find such a space in one of the most beautiful (and unknown) “campo” in Venice, albeit in a very busy area. 

The 100 square meters of the shop are typically Venetian, with uneven floors, exposed brick but with a density of style per square meter rather rare to find.

The extraordinary thing about this place is that every time a client walks through the sliding doors for the first time he/she feels at home. 

Maybe it’s because of the music in the background, the furniture or the clothes full of charm and class, but Vintageria is truly a unique shop. 

Another valid reason to come to Venice, together with the architecture as light as silk lace, and churches swollen with marble, is this small treasure chest full of poetry, of unique clothes, full of charm and history, that the team of Vintageria searches around Europe and makes it available to those who have the courage to get lost in the city. 

Now the same magic can be found online, on this site, where we will do our best not to get you lost.

Why do you want to fight the maze? Indulge him, for once. Don't worry, let the road decide your path alone, and not the path that makes you choose the paths. Learn to wander, to stroll. Disoriented. Loiter.
Tiziano Scarpa