About us

The vintageria.it project was born from the desire to replicate the experience of our Venice shop online and to make it global.

Our idea of Vintage can be summed up in three words: quality, price and sustainability.

Quality, because a vintage garment can easily have over 30 years of life, and nevertheless you can still wear it, precisely because it is produced with carefully chosen materials, designed to last over time. Not to mention that most of them are always unique pieces.

Price, because thanks to our company policies we are able to offer high-profile clothes at optimal prices, that doesn't mean dumping them, one of the worst consequences of the "Fast Fashion", but offer our products at fair prices that reflect their quality.. In short, buy less stuff but buy better stuff!

Sustainability, because buying second-hand clothes reduces the emission of carbon dioxide and all the other forms of pollution that the fashion industry generates. Choosing to buy a pair of used jeans, or to give new life to “forgotten” clothes, looks like an easy gesture, but it has (positive) consequences on our life and, in general, on the life of the planet.

We know, we could have written that the "vintagesimo" exactly follows the famous three "R": Reuse, Reduce, Recycle, but it wouldn't include a fourth letter, the “S” for Save, meaning the price, which is a pillar of our philosophy.

Vintage is a word that hides a world of which we normally only see the simplest aspect: buying second-hand clothes. With our project we want to make everything else visible too.

In doing so we have created and put online a virtual place without borders of race, religion and gender, a place where you are free to be and love whoever you want, to dress as you feel. A place where you can find ideas, stories, music that last over time, which do not scroll quickly on the screen of a smartphone to "exist" for a single moment and then be immediately forgotten.

Just like the clothes you can find on our online store, which are certainly the center of our world but are not our whole world.

Welcome to Vintageria, where there is only room for love, as it should also be in your life. There is room for everyone, the only people we cannot tolerate are the intolerant one.