Sweet memories

Why do we buy second-hand clothes?

by Tiger

The reasons are (almost) endless: someone buys a second-hand jacket because it costs less than a new one,  some other chooses a vintage shirt because none of his or her friends have anything like it. There are those who buy clothes that recall their adolescence or because they have seen them worn by their parents in old faded photographs.

Many people have also understood that buying a pair of used jeans often allows you to wear a garment of better quality than most of the current ones. Buying "second hand" gives the opportunity to reuse clothes that fast fashion, so popular now, would like to relegate in the closet.

Of course, many of the used garments that you can buy are not perfect, they have small signs of aging that do not detract from their beauty, indeed very often they increase their charm. Like the slightly worn cover of a book read by other people before you does not detract from the value of that book.

We have a team that travels around Europe in search of second-hand clothes, selecting them one by one, choosing unique items that are full of charm and history.

Our standards are quite high, because we not only buy vintage clothes to sell them, we also wear them everyday ourselves. Sometimes our hearts break when we find an extraordinary item that we’d like to keep. But we are comforted knowing it will make someone as happy as we would be.

Once selected, each piece is sterilized, then photographed, knowing that it will soon be shipped somewhere in the world to be worn by one of our customers.

When you buy a used piece you somehow inherit its history: maybe that shirt was worn for a first date, maybe those jeans were used for a motorcycle trip across the Balkans. Unfortunately it is impossible to know their past exactly, but sometimes, with a stroke of luck, it can happen that an item somehow talks to us, tells us a piece of its story.

That's what happened when we were preparing for sale a fantastic jacket by His Majesty Giorgio Armani, a leather jacket with red and black checkered wool sleeves, with shoulder-height zipped pockets.

We simply opened one of these pockets and a letter came out, a real one, hand-written with a pen, like it was normal before emails and before texting on smartphones.

Of course we read it, and for a moment we were sitting in a class of an Italian high school, where a girl named Geraldina (that's how she signs herself) writes to her lover how much she misses the days spent at the beach with him in the last summer.

She talks about her fears, the uncertainties about her future, the fear of losing him, she says that a single thought consoles her "summer will return, clear water and the heat and color of the forest".

And then it closes with one of the most poetic phrases you can read this month: "Now I say goodbye, because the teacher just stopped dictating, I say goodbye and I'm going to read some Pavese [Italian writer, quite famous since the '50s, ed.], which is the thing I like most after you!"

Again the breeze and the dawn

will bloom lightly

as under your step,

when you come back.

Between flowers and windowsills

cats will know.

Cesare Pavese

Maybe not all the clothes you find on our site will have been the keepers of such tender love letters, but remember that each of these garments has a story behind them. And maybe, one day you will pass along your own interesting story.